Sometimes it can be difficult successfully navigating your way through a website. 

Here at Lambretta-Re-Store, we understand that all things PC can be sometimes quite challenging, and to help, we've created a quick guide to help you navigate through our website, allowing you to Surf (1), Select (2) and Pay (3) for our products.

1 - SURF

On the left of your screen you can see a list of Categories (see example).   

These categories are where you will find all of our products  
which are listed on this site.  Simply select the category by moving your mouse over the name (category name will change colour) and click your left mouse button.

After a few brief moments, a list of products from within 

that category will appear (see example).

Only 60 items per page can  be displayed, if there are more products,  select  the next page at the bottom of the list to show them.

If you know the name of the item you are looking for, you can  search using our Keyword Search Option.  Simply type in the item name  within the box and click on the search button.
(see example).

You will then be presented with a list of products which has your keyword within it's description.


Once you have found what your looking for, click on that item to go to its description page where you can view more pictures and more information if available. Click the
add to cart button and then you will be presented with a cart window that pops up (see example).

Enter the number of items you want (default will always be 1). At this stage you can continue to shop, make changes to your cart (add or delete items) or you can proceed to the checkout.

If you press the Go To Checkout button will now see your shopping cart where you can make final changes to your cart and select a delivery method to see the delivery cost (see example).


At this stage you can continue to shop, make changes to your cart (add or delete items) or you can proceed to the checkout.

3 - Pay

Once you've clicked the checkout button, you'll need to tell us weather your an existing customer returning or a new customer.  If your a new customer, select the "I am a new customer" option and simply type in your e-mail address and a password and click the continue with checkout button. - If you have shopped with us before make sure the "I am a returning customer" option is selected and type in your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the forgotten your password button.

You then need to tell us who you are and where you live, so we can deliver the items straight to your door.

How would you like to pay?  The next step gives you several payment options, choose one you wish to proceed with and follow the easy steps on screen.

Click Complete Order, and your order will be dealt with ASAP.

If you get stuck on any part of our website or have any queries, please give us a call.

Tel: 01302 857162     -   (From Overseas)  +44 1302 857162
Fax: 01302 811109    -    (From Overseas)   +44 1302 811109