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Fuel Filter 6mm Anodised Black

Product Code [S6N117a]

Our Price: £15.50

 Fuel Filter 6mm Anodised Black

Dirt is everywhere, the fuel filter catches all the grit that comes mainly from the fuel tank itself as it rusts inside on much older petrol tanks and/or if you run the tank on low fuel, or run it empty which disturbs the sediment at the bottom that could cause poor running, misfiring or even stoppage. Place anywhere along the fuel pipe in-between the fuel tank and carburettor. Unlike most other fuel filters that are used as a one time job after fitting a new tank or if the scooter has been stood for a long time, this fuel filter is reusable. Simply unscrew the two half's, take out the element inside and clean both the element and inside the fuel filter case with a bit of petrol then refit. We recommend you clean out the fuel filter regularly.

You can use clamps to hold the fuel filter to the petrol pipe or if using our Free Line Self Sealing Petrol Pipe, no clamps are required.

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