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LRS Adjustable Gas Front Dampers/Shockers

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LambrettaReStore is proud to announce the release of our new front shockers for Lambrettas!

Bolt and ride!

Lambretta Adjustable front shockers with refillable gas valve and new fully metal mounting bushes give you more options when riding your lambretta, with the adjustable suspension you can choose a setting for your riding preference, the new mounting system supersedes the rubber inserts that have the tendency to rot away or fall out over-time leaving your still working shockers useless and with the refillable nitrogen gas system you no longer have to throw those expensive shockers away when the gas pressure needs adjusting, simply get them re-pressurized with the valve system in place.

The best modern shockers for your lambretta! - If we at LambrettaReStore don't fit it on our own Lambretta's, we don't sell it!

x2 shockers.

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Reviewer: Anonymous from    5 Stars

Ive always wanted to give some adjustable dampers a try but was always put off the price of some of them until i came across these from lambrettarestore. it took me a while to find the setting i like but about 3 clicks from the softest setting towards hard is perfect for a trip around town for me. i dont think i will ever go back to the other dampers.