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Rock Oil K2 Plus 2 Stroke Racing Pre-Mix Synthetic

Our Price: £12.50
 K2 Plus Synthetic 2 Stroke Racing Pre-Mix

K2 Plus is a highly acclaimed synthetic 2 stroke pre-mix racing oil incorporating the most recent innovations in Rock Oil advanced additive technology. K2 Plus has been extensively tested under maximum load racing conditions and is suitable for all applications requiring a high quality pre-mix.

K2 Plus is manufactured using a unique low ash, clean burning formula which provides;
  • Maximum film strength and shear strength
  • Superb engine cleanliness
  • Significantly improved bore and piston ring life
  • Complete protection for all components in the latest hi h-tech 2 stroke engines

Pre-Mix ONLY, K2 Plus must not be used in oil injection systems.

K2 Plus will mix with other synthetic and/or semi-synthetic oils previously used.

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